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‘An online fitness coach is like having a personal trainer, only the trainer isn’t physically there with you’

Hi, I’m Dan. I can take the second guessing, confusion, self-doubt from every aspect of training and nutrition, simplifying the process for you, ensuring you look sexy AF naked.

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Who on earth are you?

So, here we are. Obviously, you’re interested, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

I’m not going to cram 24 years of life experience into one paragraph, I’m not going to give you endless info about my sporting background and my qualifications, and I’m definitely not going to bore you with a typical ‘bio’.

What I’m going to do is hand the decision over to you. I’m going to let you decide if I’m the guy who can help you.

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Why Choose Me?

I can help regardless of location.

Being coached online allows you to get training even if we're miles apart.

I can get you stronger and leaner.

It's what I'm good at. I've done it myself, and I can help you do it too.

I can help you achieve your goals.

I can take the second guessing, myths, misconceptions and utter BS out of the equation for you.

What my clients have to say

Joel Fisher
Joel Fisher
Before I signed up, I was stuck in a rut. The same routines, the same body. Seeing other people get results in such a short space of time, compared to the little progress I was making year on year was both frustrating and confusing. How could these guys be making changes in a few months? I thought Id read everything, knew everything, I’d tried everything, and that it must just be me. It must just be the way I'm supposed to look. I reached out to Dan when I saw his get strong, get lean programme and thought Id jump in.What Dan did was break through all the information that had been floating around in my brain over years of digesting article after article, and make sense of it all. There is so much conflicting information out there, it was hard to know what was right and Id pretty much tried it all.He cut through the nonsense with his black and white approach to training and nutrition - and it all finally made sense. Overall energy expenditure, and progressive overloading. It could be that simple.Ive really enjoyed the different phases of the training plan Dan has provided. The way each month changes and progresses has kept the whole process feeling new and exciting, and theres not been a single day when I've felt nothing but excitement for each workout. Ive finally found a system that works for me and taking this knowledge on for the future can only lead to great things.- Ive gained knowledge.- Ive lost body fat.- Ive gained more
Luke Howells
Luke Howells
Before signing up I worried about wasting money and sticking to the plan.Dan helped me to stick to a solid training plan so I could gain strength where I have lacked in the past. Dan helped me overcome these issues by making me log my sessions and progressively over loading my training.The coaching received off Dan taught me how to manage my food intake and how to be flexible with my diet. Now i don't worry to much about tracking. Dan does a great more
Bradley Stubbs
Bradley Stubbs
Dan helped me gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of training and what is required to put on size/mass.Dan broke down progressive overloading and explained its role in gaining mass. He also helped me get over my worry of eating too much and adding body fat, which I now understand is pretty much a formality when building size.Dan will never force you to do an exercise - if you don't like Romanian deadlifts then you won't be doing Romanian deadlifts. He listens to your needs and what you like/don't like and adjusts your programme accordingly.Since working with Dan I've gained size - I’m currently at my heaviest weight whilst looking in the best shape I've looked, I’ve gained an understanding of the importance of calories and macros and I'm now fully aware of what is required to cut down/put on more

Coaching: is it for you?

Online coaching isn’t for everyone.

If you’ve never set foot in a gym, never lifted weights, don’t know the difference between a chicken breast and a potato. I’ll make the decision for you. Online coaching isn’t for you just yet. One to one personal training is the way to go.

Getting coached takes the frustration and second guessing out of the equation, which is going to make you a lot more productive in the other areas of your life. Almost all successful people have had coaches or mentors, regardless of their field. So, if you are serious about getting your physique goals nailed then I feel it’s worth considering hiring a coach.

There are a few other things you need before I take you on as a client. Click the button below to find out if you qualify.

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My Articles

Sometimes I post articles. I write about the stuff that you should be doing, the stuff you shouldn't be doing, and even about the evils of bullshit 'bro' science.

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If you haven’t got time to fit in online coaching, or you want more support on top of what you’re already getting, then try my informative eBooks. No pseudo science or bro science here, just pure training and diet tips for a better fitness regime.

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