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‘An online fitness coach is like having a personal trainer, only the trainer isn’t physically there with you’

Hi, I’m Dan. I can take the second guessing, confusion and self-doubt from every aspect of training and nutrition, simplifying the process for you.

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"So, who on earth are you Dan?"

Look, I know you’re not where you want to be in this moment in time, as you wouldn’t be reading this.

I’m not going to cram 24 years of life, boring you to death with a typical ‘bio’. I’m not going to give you endless info about my sporting background and my qualifications, and I’m definitely not going sell you a dream.

What I’m going to do is hand the decision over to you. I’m going to let you decide if I’m the guy who can help you.

How I Can Help You...

Coaching: is it for you?

I’ll be honest, online coaching is more so for the advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced, so if you fall into that bracket; keep reading.

If you’ve never set foot in a gym, never lifted weights, don’t know the difference between a chicken breast and a potato, I’ll make the decision for you. Online coaching isn’t for you just yet. One to one personal training is the way to go.

Being coached takes the frustration and second guessing out of the equation, which is going to make you a lot more productive in the other areas of your life. Almost all successful people have had coaches or mentors, regardless of their field. So, if you are serious about getting your physique goals nailed then I feel it’s worth considering hiring a coach.

There’s a certain criteria you need to match before I take you on as a client. Click the button below to find out if you qualify.

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What my clients have to say

Samuel Parry
Samuel Parry
I wanted to challenge myself and my diet over 12 weeks & experience my first time having an online coach.The accountability of having to give daily/weekly feedback forms with Dan then reviewing them and giving me personal feedback on how I’m improving, different methods on how to make the most of your macros making me feel as full as possible rather than hungry like the other dieting methods I tried before.The weekly feedback form & the constant dialogue with Dan to work around any upcoming barriers I had during the next week instead of struggling through a social event I may have had on a weekend, the feedback from the week before Dan was able to adjust my diet during the week so that I could enjoy myself without having to worry about messing up my diet and feeling guilty.Dan helped me lose 4% body fat and more
Shayeral Islam
Shayeral Islam
Like most people I was skeptical about online coaching but I was referred to Dan based on someone else's recommendation. It has been one of the best referrals since then. Dan is understanding, concise and full of knowledge. Dan has not only made me lose 3-4kg and look leaner but my strength has increased too. Most importantly Dan has taught me to train smarter. I told Dan from the beginning, I want to be coached and be taught things that I can always carry out in the future and Dan has done just that. You can lose fat, build muscle, look better but nothing beats the amount of knowledge you gain since that preps you for your lifetime.If you're feeling demotivated, lost and pretty sick at the way you're training then get in touch with Dan, the sooner the better!read more
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson
I started weight lifting roughly 20 months after losing around 5 stone. After spending around 16 months of lifting I realised that I was stuck in a rut and just literally going to the gym with no real idea of how to progress, no goals and no real ambition other than not to get fat again!After watching the TFDC vlogs online for a few months I decided to give him a shot. After an initial consultation, filling out his pre assessment form and having a chat regarding my thoughts, feelings and potential goals, Dan eased me in to the whole process really well. Something that has really helped me is his analysis of videos to determine weak areas in setup and that he noticed deficiencies in my posture that affected certain movements.To put a long story short, Bodyweight (Fat Loss) down, Strength across all main lifts has increased, Love of food has returned. Dan has genuinely made working out, lifting, eating and socialising more fun.If your thinking of getting an online coach, I can't speak highly enough of Dan and his methods. He's an awesome guy as well, which makes all of this so much easier.PS He's also Welsh, so you get an awesome coach with a lovely accent more

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I can take the confusion, second guessing, myths, misconceptions and utter BS out of the equation for you

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