Is Your Millennial Attitude Towards Fat Loss Setting You Up For Failure?

Does your metabolism slow down when dieting and prevent you from losing fat?


Or is it your millennial attitude that’s preventing you from losing fat?


2017 Goals

– Listen to Audiobooks when walking
– Read 20 minutes every day
– Learn how to Olympic lift
– Squat 200kg sub 83kg’s come the end of the year
– Prep for a photoshoot purely for fun

Outcome Thus Far

– Listen to Audiobooks when walking – Complete.
– Read 20 minutes every day – nearly completed. Managing every other day.
– Learn how to Olympic lift – Failed.
– To squat 200kg sub 83kg come the end of the year – Fail (190kg hopefully)
– Prep for a photoshoot purely for fun – Complete. Hard AF. Not fun.

I had this vision where I’d be snatching 80kg for fun come the end of 2017. Truth be told I really didn’t enjoy any aspect of Olympic lifting.

Why? Because I sucked at it, which meant I had to work at it, spend extra time on my mobility, spend more time training for specific movements and in the end, after thinking long and hard, I thought:

‘do you know what? I really can’t be bothered with this’.

I strongly dislike giving up on anything.

But with this I did.

The cons strongly outweighed the pros.

Did I have time to practice? Of course I did. We all think we’re busier than we are. We prioritise the things we care about and sack off the things that mean jack shit to us (in this case Olympic lifting).

Weirdly, I somehow fell back in love with running again. The guilt for my lack of Olympic lifting training made me run. Every cloud I suppose.

It reminded me of my old self and some of my clients. The majority love the thought of being shredded, not knowing how difficult it is to get lean.

Actually, let me rephrase.

Difficult is an understatement.

Here’s why…

MRS GREN & Year 6 Biology

M – Movement

R – Reproduction

S – Sensitivity

N – Nutrition

E – Excretion

R – Respiration

G – Growth

The 7 life processes.

Nowhere does it state:

‘Feel strong and look sexy AF naked’.

Survive and reproduce.

That’s why we’ve been placed on this earth.

To not get killed and fuck a lot in simple terms.

Yet the law of fat loss is simple.

Consume fewer calories than what’s needed to maintain your weight.

Struggle to understand that?

Ok, let me explain.

You have £20 in your bank (your maintenance calories).

You need to get from Cardiff to Heathrow Airport.

It will cost you exactly £20 in petrol to get to Heathrow. (your maintenance).

For some reason, you’ve decided to only put £16 of petrol into your car (nutter), meaning you only get as far as Slough.

The £4 deficit of petrol (or food) meant you didn’t get to your destination, meaning you came under your maintenance (in physique terms this leads to fat loss).

So why is looking lean and sexy year round difficult?

You see, undereating brings side effects*.

*dieting side effects are an indicator that things are working. Embrace them.

1) Inevitably hunger will strike

2) Your BMR (basically your metabolism and the calories you’d burn by doing nothing) will slow down (slightly) as you become leaner.

N.B. I italic slightly because what happens more so is your body becomes really efficient at preserving energy.

I.E. ‘Mate why are you eating so little yet trying to do more (exercise and move). You need to sit the fuck down, preserve energy and chill out. If you continue this way you’ll lose body fat, become cold and start to look good naked’.

3) Things that wouldn’t usually bother you will bother you

4) People will become annoying

5) You will want to be left alone when eating your food

6) Slurring your words will happen when sober

7) Walking up flights of stairs will become a chore

Now here’s where the issue lies.

Millennials (those who were born 1992 onwards) have been brought up in a society where delivery, service and ease are the norm. Businesses ethos revolve around these principles.

We’ve been raised is a society where coming last in a race still earns you a trophy.

Where iPads are handed to children not for reward, but to keep them quiet for a few minutes.

It’s an attitude that’s been brought into the fitness industry and unfortunately it’s setting you up to fail.

Now, I know not everyone wants to look like a bodybuilder, but picture this.

Imagine coming out of the army as a skinny guy who represents a pole. He starts training with a bodybuilder. He gets a taste for bodybuilding. So he bites the bullet and asks the bodybuilder (now his training partner).

‘How long until I can do my first bodybuilding show?’

The bodybuilder replies ‘6 years’.

Let me reiterate that.

6 years.

That was the story of a friend, an ex-marine, who went on to compete at British level in natural bodybuilding after 6 years of training, eating correctly and sleeping well whilst managing everything else life threw at him.

Now picture a marine’s mind-set, where not giving up and following a routine and pattern is drilled into you.

Now picture our mind-set.

We let little failures (overeating on one day) get to us.

We feel tired after a standard 9-5, 40 hour working week, meaning you miss out on training sessions**

**Poor eating and hydration habits along with poor sleeping patters are massive contributors to this, but this is a topic for another day.






Yes, I am shouting and no it wasn’t a ‘sorry caps lock was on’ moment.

It’s why it’s taken me 10 years of training to finally be able to look at myself in the mirror and to love what I see looking back.

For once in my life I can eat at maintenance, not have to worry about having to get bigger, leaner, more jacked whatever the fuck you want to call it.

It’s taken me 10 years rather than 5 because in the past, daily mess ups were a regular occurrence.

So what’s changed?

I’ve learned not to dwell on my mistakes. I’ve learned how to dust myself off, hopping back on the wagon immediately. I’ve learned to trust the system.

I know if I follow the rule of calories in vs calories out, focus on progressive overload, learn how to partition my calories when social outings occur, prioritise my time efficiently whilst planning accordingly, I can get to where I want to be with time and patience.

The first time getting lean is always the hardest.

No, let me rephrase that. It’s fucking horrific.

I won’t go into detail why, but I’ll say this.

Once you get lean and you’re happy to maintain, you’d have to be a complete idiot to regress, undoing all of the time spent learning and ingraining good habits.

But I see it happening.

Why? Again, not a topic for today.

It would take an extremely dedicated, fast learner, perfectionist even, to start seeing noticeable results after 12 weeks of training and eating correctly.

Here’s my shoot progress where It took me 22-24 weeks (I can’t even remember how long now but it was somewhere around there) to get from a-b. That’s 6 months.

And that’s me. Someone who has the needed habits ingrained. Someone who already has 10 years of lifting experience. Someone who’s built the muscle over the previous 10 years.

The unfortunate truth is this:

– You’re carrying more body fat than you think, meaning it will take 12 months rather than 12 weeks to be happy with what you see.
– You most probably don’t have as much muscle mass as you think you do.
– You won’t get into the shape of your live in 12 weeks when you’ve been abusing your body over the previous 12 years.
– It is okay to change your goal if half way through you’re realise it’s far more difficult than what you thought it would be.

The unfortunate truth is telling someone that standing on a vibrating plate will reveal their abs is far more exciting than preaching dieting consistency, hard work and dedication to someone who’s earned a trophy for becoming last in an event.