Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph? – How To Train For Your Body Type

Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph? – How To Train For Your Body Type

This article will remind you of that time Bono decided to put U2’s album on everyone’s iCloud.

No one wanted to hear it.

Or in this case, read it.

But I’ve decided to write it, because I’m fucking mental.

Look, this article was driven by a whole host of Facebook adverts aimed at individuals like myself where the individual claimed one could in fact train exclusively and specifically for his body type, therefore yielding better results.

Hmmm. Interesting.

Now, if you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re into fitness.

You may have done P.E. at GCSE or A-level.

So you probably remember somatotypes…

What Is an Endomorph?

You know your friend’s mum, who always claimed her son wasn’t fat, he was just ‘big boned’?

Well yeah;

1) He was fat.
2) What the f**k does big boned mean?
3) He was probably classed in A level P.E. as being an endomorph.


The word Mesomorph translates in the Latin language as:

‘This doesn’t even make fuckin sense’.

Usually classed as the individual who looks like he lifts.

Some muscle, low levels of body fat.


Typically, the friend who couldn’t give a fuck about the gym, weight training

He just loves running.

And never eats.

Put it this way, if he walked over a cattle grid we’d never see him again.
My dad never defended my decision to turn into a fat mess. He just told me straight:

‘You’ve put on weight’ were his words.

He never told his friends I was big boned either.

I can’t believe I’m self-trolling myself.

Look I was an ectomorph at one point too.

Oh and now look at me, I’m a mesomorph.

The point I’m trying to get across is this.

Body type is bullshit.

If someone tries selling you a plan claiming there’s a specific way to train for your body type they’re lying.

The princlpes and rules of training apply to everyone.

‘Ah so you haven’t always looked like you lift?’


And nor did I train differently to what I did now.

I moved a weight against the force of gravity from A-B-A in all three photos.

So what changed?

Well, firstly my willingness to learn. To Listen. To apply the knowledge. To quit doing moronic things in the hope of gains.

What else?

If you’d have asked ecto and endo Dan what total volume (weight lifted X Sets X Reps) and progressive overload (increasing load over time) I’d have probably blurted something about it being related to music.

The rules of overload and volume don’t differ between individuals.

Overload your muscles with mechanical tension, volume, progressively overloading over time and you can wave goodbye to the ectomorph somatotype.

Oh and eat sufficient amount of calories of course.

And yes, you could argue some individuals respond better to higher volumes of training (High volume responders) whilst others are low volume responders but I’m not going into that today.

Nutrition fundimentals don’t differ too…

Yes, you can argue some individuals respond better to lower carb, higher fat diets and vice versa, but again it comes down to energy balance.

Calories really are KING.

Endomorph – Usually eats too much
Ectomorph – What is food?
Mesomorph – Eats according to his goals

Gene Type testing…

As we’re on the topic of bullshit, I give you

Gene type testing.

‘Gene testers’ indicate the ‘best’ method of training and you a brief overview as to how you should train based on well I don’t even know.

If you’re thinking about doing one, let’s try this test for free.

At school were you better at long distance or sprints?

Answer 1) Sprints

You most probably have more type 2 fibre muscles meaning you’ll perform better using strength/power type training whilst responding better.

Answer 2) Long distance

You’re fucked and will forever look like Mo Farah.

I’m joking, you probably have more type 1 muscle fibre types and are slower than the averge Steve.


So yeah, I hope his gives you a better understanding with regards to somatotypes and why training exclusively for your body type is complete and upper BS.

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