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Finally, A Program For Guys Who Want To Look Like They Train...

...the foolproof program that guys over 30 in the Cardiff area are joining who want to get in cover model shape.

The ONLY way left for the guy who's tried EVERYTHING to get in cover model shape...

We've all been there and if you're like 99.9% of the guys I work with, you've more than likely tried everything to get in cover model shape - this article is designed specifically for you.

We've all tried the supplements, hitting the gym several times a week, started running, swimming - yet nothing seems to work, BUT give me 10 minutes of your time today and I'll show you exactly how any guy over 30 can torch 10, 20 even 30 pounds of stubborn body fat, finally getting the cover model body they've always dreamt of - whilst turbocharging their energy and focus.

Let me introduce to you about a story of a client of mine...

Fed Up Male Over 30 Reveals How He Lost The Gut, Without Having To Eat Raw Eggs Like The Rocky Films

Dave had tried everything, he was really struggling and everything he tried wasn't working for him - from:

  • Replacing REAL FOOD with meal replacement shakes such as SlimFast, Herbalife and Huel - where he was spending a small fortune on drinks he despised the taste of and did nothing but empty his wallet, as well as having to miss out on eating with his family due to his strict eating plan...
  • ​The ketogenic diet, where he REFUSED to eat bread, pasta, pizza and potatoes for 30 days - and all that happened was he pi**ed off his Mrs due to his sex drive plummeting lower than the Titanic
  • Training on his own, signing up to a gym membership he only used three times in three months because what he was doing wasn't working for him

Whilst not being totally out of shape and for someone who thought he was doing everything right - you'd expect Dave to look and feel a lot better than what he actually did, right? Despite training 5 times a week, hating his diet and suffering, listening to what the magazines were saying and applying unrealistic standards his favourite YouTuber was telling him to do and the amount of reading he was doing on the subject, he just couldn't see results. He was at his wits end.

Tired, exhausted and wanting to throw in the towel - he felt he'd always have an overhanging gut for the remainder of his life and he had to deal with it...I mean, I'm sure you know the feeling.

You're desperate to one day wake up and look in the mirror hoping you look different, try on your favourite shirt hoping you'll one day manage to squeeze back into it, to one day have your partner want to rip your clothes off like they used to, but nothing seems to be working.

How does everyone else make this look like a piece of cake?

Listen up, because I'm about to tell you something really important...

It's NOT your fault...

The fitness industry has been LYING to you, and telling you things that not only fail to get you results, but could be harming your progress. Further down I'm going to reveal how Dave long with my other guys have had great success by eliminating the noise on social media and applying my systems and habits, but first there's something you need to know...

REVEALED: Nutritionist Researcher reveals why strict diets and extreme methods DON'T work...

Below, I'm going to reveal how demotivated, lethargic guys managed to ditch the gut, future proofing their bodies, losing between 5-10kg's without following a diet plan and sticking to super strict routines...

Reason 1: Everyone Wants A Quick Fix

Magazines promise quick transformations using super strict methods. Look, forget the fads and quick fixes, learn how you don't have to deprive yourself from the fine wine, beer, bread and pasta without having to drink meal replacement shakes and stick to super strict diets with the systems, habits and rituals we'll impliment

Reason 2: "Eat Clean"

Guys on social media GO ON about clean goods, but there's no such thing as 'clean foods' and why eliminating food groups such as beer, curry and fine wine leads to cheat days and all out binges that pushes your progress back...

Reason 3: "But Isn't It Just Eat Less, Move More?"

Why it's NOT as simple as just "eat less, move more" like most P.T's are claiming...and why you need a support network, accountability, routine, structure and habits

Reason 4: Burn Fat In 5 Minutes...

The weird, but quick, efficient and effective 5 minute cardio method that tortches body fat when compared to running and swimming - you don't need to spend hours doing cardio

Reason 5: Finally...

And how they're doing this without spending more than 120 minutes in the gym a week - you don't need to be training 7 times a week

So, if all of the traditional methods you've read about in the magazines, from your fitness influencers posts, your favourite YouTuber HAVEN'T worked for you, then what does?

You're in luck...

By stumbling across this page, and reading the secrets I'm about to reveal, you're putting yourself at a HUGE advantage, learning the systems, habits, routines and rituals that's taken me over a decade and thousands of pounds to learn.


The Solution For Every Guy Over 30 To Help Them Feel Sexy Poolside, Feel Like Hugh Heffner In The Bedroom, Wake Up And Not Feel Sore and Looser Fitting Clothes Around The Stomach...

Work Your Way Down The Belt Buckle...

Work your way down your belt buckle and start seeing your old boy again. Fear no more about your shirt buttons popping with your new found body. Never have to fold your arms again, hiding your drum and have your confidence skyrocket that losing fat brings with it. You can expect to lose up to a stone of body fat in 42 days with no extreme diets and no fads.

Wake Up With A Spring In Your Step

Wake up with a spring in your step, get ready to feel motivated and driven again and sleep like a baby with your new found energy and dopamine levels which are all helped with regular exercise and a better diet. Feel like the man you used to in as little as 42 days...

Get Laid...

Be the masculine, dominant, decisive, knows what he wants guy your Mrs once knew. There's nothing a woman wants more than a guy who's driven, confident and knows what he wants. 

About Me...

I guess you're wondering what makes me qualified to help you? One thing I'm NOT is a professional bodybuilder - heck I couldn't think of anything worse than getting on a stage, having to pose in some skimpy pants. But what I am is a guy who was once very much like you. I'm a guy who believe it or not returned home from university, where I was confronted by father who told me I was fat. Feeling as fit as a 60 year old and having the gut of a Guiness drinker (I don't even drink Guiness) I knew I needed to change something. I used to lay in bed thinking to myself "surely there's an easier way". I was conditioned to think I had to train 7 times a day and eat tuna, rice and broccoli with every meal. That's when I discovered what I now teach to my clients and the shocking impact it's had on my mindset, health, energy levels and confidence.

How Would It Feel Like To Be Able To Walk Around Topless On Holiday, In The Bedroom With An Air Of Confidence And Pride?

Look, the way Fit Over 30 works is not by removing your favourite foods...

It's not through depriving you from having fun with your mates because you have to stick to a super, strict diet...

It's not about making you cook separate meals compared to your partners and your kids...

Jumping on the treadmill for 2 hours and evening is what we WON'T be doing either...

And it's definitely not about giving you a program consisting of 5 exercises and letting you do it on your own...

Instead, here's what we'll do:

1. You'll learn the principles of Flexible Dieting, a method I use with all of my clients and a method that brings great success, as it allows you to fit your diet around your lifestyle, not having to fit your lifestyle around your diet. This is why people fail their diets as it brings no freedom

2. You'll learn the 7 habits and systems I ingrain with my clients that teaches you how to achieve a cover model physique without the extremism, fads and unrealistic expectations - literally anyone can apply these no matter what your ability

3. Never second guess, feel nervous and anxious when having to train on your own again as you'll be training with a personal trainer telling you EXACTLY how to perform exercises, in what order, for how many reps and sets...


You'll never be alone.

The sessions are done in a group setting within a gym environment, where you'll be training with myself and other guys who have similar interests and goals as you TWICE A WEEK for an hour session

Now I know EXACTLY what you're thinking, because EVERY ONE who joins asks me this question:

"What if I can't keep up with the other guys? - I'm really unfit"

And here's the thing, the sessions are scaled to YOUR ability, meaning you'll never be expected to do something you're not capable of doing - the goal is to get better every week and as you get better, you'll be pushed more every week as your ability and skill set improves with time


"What days will we be training?"

Training times will be confirmed with you once you complete the payment and sign up forms - there's times and days to suit everyone

Have You Ever Looked Into Working With A Personal Trainer, But Been Put Off By The Cost?

A lot of people reading this will have looked into personal trainers in the past. If you're one of them, you know that the average trainer in Cardiff costs £30-£40 per HOUR.

So how am I able to do a 6 week program with 2 sessions per week for only £200?

Fit Over 30 is Personal Training, Only It's Done In A Group Environment

When I was designing this program, I realised that the most efficient way to get results out of my clients is to train in a small group environment of a maximum of 2 to 6 people. It is cost effective for you but the benefits of a small group environment are crucial to the way Fit Over 30 works.

You are with a group of guys who are in the same position as you, with the same desire to get fitter and lead a healthier lifestyle. You will naturally motivate each other. Over 6 weeks, you'll get to know your group, minimise the boredom and confusion when training on your own meaning you will all succeed in your goals - as we're all holding each other accountable.

You learn the same as you would with a 1-2-1 trainer, you get the same attention but have a whole lot more fun doing it in a group environment.

Here's what the lads have to say...

Look, I understand if you're still skeptical and you're confused because you've been taught the traditional methods when it comes to ditching the gut,. Below you can read what some of them had to say about the Fit Over 30 program.


Before starting with Dan I hadn’t been to a gym in 20 years. I had certainly never used a personal trainer and if I was totally honest never even thought of it. I was at a low point in my life and needed some”thing”. ​I was dubious, scared and skeptical. People who had personal trainers were tv celebrities and footballers.

I needed to find my spark, my confidence and it was in me, just buried. As with most things in life, a good friend pointed me in Dans direction and it all started to change from there.

​Grant Berger - Electrician, 42


After seeing a past holiday photo, I was horrified with what I saw. After years of battling with my weight, self-loathing and depression, mainly down to the way I looked and not feeling like I had a purpose, I knew I needed something.

It's the best thing I've ever done. I'm the leanest and strongest that I have ever been. 

Colin Griffiths - Cardiff Council, 37

What's The Catch Here?
How Much?

The question on your lips, how much does it cost?

Let me answer that:

If you were to buy a block of 12 sessions with a Personal Trainer you'd be paying:

£30PH x 12 = £360

Most personal trainers would charge more for nutritional support, so you're looking at around £500.

BUT - the full value of what I'm offering is £200 every 6 weeks (12 sessions)

That's less than what you'd spend a week on a Dominos take out.

Can you imagine losing the gut and regaining the body you once had for that cheap?

I'm going to be honest with you - doing it like this is FAR more scalable for me as it means I can help more people.

But wait, there's more...

I'm not just offering the Fit Over 30 program and 2 sessions a week, there's a lot more to losing the gut than that, you get access to £150 worth of BONUSES

Recipe Book Worth £9.99

Nutritional Guides £19.99

Supplementation Guides £19.99

Weekly Support & Accountability Group £99 PM

That's a saving of £150

This Program Is Only Opened Up 3 Times A Year

This program is launching for the final time in 2019 on the 9th of September.

Can you really miss out on this after you've been promising yourself that you'd be doing something about your gut, health and lifestyle after this summer?

You've got 2 options...

Option 1: You close this page, go back to what you've been doing before, continue to feel frustrated and regret not jumping at this chance when it was sat in front of your face...

Option 2: This is the smart move. You decide enough is enough, that you can't continue to keep buying clothes because you keep outgrowing your current ones and you want a guaranteed way to help you with losing the gut, in the fastest, efficient way possible and you realise the way to do this is invest in your health, happiness and security.

The choice is yours...

As a final reminder here's what you get:

1. 2 50 minute sessions in a group environment with 2-6 guys over 30 in a gym environment to help you stay on track and perform exercises correctly  that build maximum strength, muscle and burn the most amount of body fat

2. Nutritional habits and accountability to guarantee you stay on track to losing up to a stone in 42 days without depriving yourself from the beer and fine wine

Get this and more in one click...

Still on the fence? How about this...

​If for ANY reason, you do not like this amazing program, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days of your initial payment. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me and I will give you a swift full refund. No questions asked.


​Here ​is a list of most commonly asked questions.

​How is payment handled?

​Am I tied to a contract?

​How much is it?

​What days will we be training?

​I'm a complete beginner and never stepped foot in the gym - will this work for me?

​Which gym will the training be at?

This is around for a few more days...

Like I said earlier, this is around until the 9th of September.

It's probably wise to act fast if you want in. I'm super strict with how many guys I allow join at one time because it means they get the attention, support and accountability they need.

Like the sound of this, you know what to do...

Or, If You Want To Know More...