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Learn the habits, systems and strategies I teach wth my online program for £1...

Never Satisfied? Going Round In Circles? Learn the 8 strategies to a better body with this trial...

Here's What You need to know...

YouTube, Fitness & Health Advice On The News

& Social Media Will Never Work For You...

Learn 8 strategies and habits I teach inside my online program, learning the systems that's allowed guys like you drop 10kg's of body fat in as little as 84 days...

This Is Different To The Typical 12

Week Plan You've Considered...

Discover Calories, Macros

& Optimise Your Diet

The key to getting this right. You're taught the fundamentals of nutrition, finding an approach that best suits you - optimising your results...

Never Second Guess

Your Training Again

Avoid stagnation and plateaus ensuring continuous strength and muscle gain adaptations are made throughout with tailored programming

Support & Accountability

Weekly diet and training amendments are implemented, including a habit building formula through task setting so you know exactly what you need to be doing week on week to maximise growth and results

What Separates This With What You've Tried Before?

Overcome Barriers

& Struggles

You bust your balls in the gym, you stick to a super strict diet and you ramp up the training. 2 weeks in and you're flying - suddenly, the cravings kick in, you cave, you feel like a failure and you throw in the towel. I teach you how to never get into these situations

I Teach Habits

Learn the systems and habits that no YouTube video, blog post or 12 week program will ever teach you

Training Hard or Hardly Training?

I critique and breakdown your exercise form by to ensure what you’re doing is safe, efficient and optimal – and I overview  your training effort output through video format

Implement the knowledge that's taken me years of effort and money to develop - and I'm giving it away to you for £1...

Why £1?

£1 compared to free eradicates the time wasters - I only want to work with people who're serious about improving their body

How Can I Help You?

Before my clients sign up they're just like you; convinced with what they were doing was right.

Seeing training and fitness methods as 'Black and White' is dangerous - I want you to become independent with your diet - whilst understanding the principles of training...

"Dan has really helped me turn it all around, I’m fast approaching my 45th Birthday and I’m literally in the best shape of my life. But it’s not just about having a six pack or wide shoulders, it’s about feeling and confidence. This new level of fitness, strength and vitality that Dan has helped me to achieve has given me the confidence to start performing again as an actor and as a PT"

David Constant

Actor & PT

Inside You Get Access To...

  • A s**t ton of content and support that only my paying clients will ever get access to
  • The Secret No One Writes Blog Posts & YouTube Videos About - Access to formulas and strategies that focus on habit building - Once you've got these habits nailed results will come on auto-pilot

Learn How To Train - Upload your lifts using our app to have your form critiqued

Never struggle - Full access to my email whenever you have any questions

Never Stagnate - Weekly lessons & tasks to keep you on track

Feel at home with our support group - a place to ask questions

Have Questions?

Great, it means you give a shit...

Q) Can I cancel my trial if I don't wish to continue?

A) Yes, although many continue after the trial

Q) I've tried dieting and counting my macros before, it doesn't work for me - will we be doing this?

A) We will find the best nutritional approach and strategy for you

Q) Is this free trial suitable for men and women?

A) The plan is suitable for men and women

Q) I'm a complete beginner and I've never set foot in a gym before - is this for me?

A) If you've never set foot in a gym before 1-2-1 training is the way to go for now to build up basic movement patters and to understand a basic knowledge of both training and nutrition

Q) How will I receive my documents?

A) Your documents will arrive through email where you'll then be able to access and update everything through an app

Q) Can I build muscle on the plan or is it for fat loss only?

A) The plan will be devised to cater for your needs, wants and goals. The form you complete should you sign up will give me all of the information I need to devise your plan

Q) Do I have to be a member of a gym?

A) In an ideal world - yes - I would stress having a gym membership should you sign up to the trial

Q) Will I be charged for this 2 week free trial?

​A) No, it's 100% a 2 week free trial and you won't even need to put in your credit or debit card details

Q) Will I be charged after the £1 trial? What happens if I don't want to continue?

A) Yes you'll be charged the monthly fee of £99 PM and you'll be committing to lifelong change, happiness and methods you can apply for life - not a bad investment

Q) What if I want to continue after the 2 week free trial?

You don't have to do anything

Q) How is payment handled

Through Paypal

My body fat dropped from 15% to 12% and my rugby performance and speed also improved...

Olly Cracknell  //  Ospreys Professional Rugby Player

Dans guides and videos showed me exactly what I needed to do and gave me the confidence to use the gym with out worrying about being embarrassed...

Colin Griffiths  //  Council Worker

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