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So, this is what happens next...

So, you want to know how it works? First, let me tell you what we won’t be doing. You’ve no doubt seen ‘Insta famous’ online coaches with their ‘bespoke’ copy and pasted nutrition and training plans to every client they have. That’s not me. Never has been, never will be. When I’m coaching you, you won’t receive any generic training plans or diets. You must be wondering if I’m telling you the truth. Well, I’m going to let you make that decision yourself.

All I can tell you is that a good online coach will:

  • Enable you to achieve goals you have spent years trying to reach
  • Provide you with structure and accountability
  • Take guessing and myths out of the equation

It is all done online. This allows it to be far cheaper than 1-2-1 as it saves me money on gym rent, which makes it ideal for you and me.

Do you qualify for online coaching?

Do you fit the bill? See, I don’t just work with anyone as not everyone is ready for it…

You qualify if...

  • Are a man, typically between the ages of 23 – 40, struggling to get your physique, strength, or muscle mass to the next level
  • Have 3 months minimum lifting experience, and you are quite comfortable with compound lifts (squat, bench & deadlift)
  • Have no serious injuries or medical conditions
  • Can get access to a gym, obviously
  • Can cook most of the meals you need to be eating
  • Are willing to listen with an open mind, and work hard towards your goals
  • Have access to a smartphone, a computer, and Excel or any similar software

You may want to look elsewhere if you are

  • Looking for a quick fix. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your physique won’t be either
  • On steroids. I have nothing against it, but I only work with naturals
  • Have no access to the gym

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Okay so you know what I’m all about, let’s find out more about the program and get you started today.