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Online Coaching & Online Fitness Programs: Why You Need It.

If you’re here, you’re probably like a lot of my clients. You are likely successful in a number of areas of your life, but you’re still struggling with one area – your physique. You’ve almost certainly tried to fix it yourself, and you probably failed miserably. It happens.

You’d think the guys pictured below on the left were lazy, eating rubbish food, but they’re very similar to you.

They were training hard, but seeing very little return. By having me in your corner, they have let me take all the frustration and self-doubt out of their programs, and have replaced them with fully tailored online fitness programs, individualised and bespoke for them.

Why are you here?

You are really good at wasting time trying to sort things out for yourself.


Having an experienced coach will fast track your results.

What I’m going to do here is tell you everything that my style of coaching involves, then you can decide if it is right for you.

What happens next?

The Set Up

Before we get started, we need to be on the same page. Starting off on the right foot will help us to make efficient and optimal progress towards your goals. You’ll complete the application form and I’ll get to work. You’ll then request to join our support group, shortly receiving your documents in 3-5 days.

What's in the plan?

1. Analysis

You complete a 2-part analysis form outlining your:

Exercise and food likes
Exercise and food dislikes
Limitations & previous injuries
Previous 6-month training history
Previous diet attempts
Your current work/life schedule
Areas you’d like to develop
Sleeping patterns and any issues with sleep
Current medication
Stress levels and their main contributors
Your support network and who it involves
General health
Goals and purpose of joining

How does this help you and me?

Without sounding like a nob, the detail in only the first section eradicates individuals who think they’re ready to change, but aren’t quite ready for change just yet. Nothing wrong with this – your time will come. This is awesome as it can save you money and time. The form can take 20-30 minutes to complete meaning only serious applicants apply. The willingness to change must come from within.

The detail allows you to give me as much information as possible – ensuring we get off on the right foot from the get go – meaning no time is wasted.

2. Movement Screen

You’ll be asked to mimic movements in video format, performing certain movements via a video I’ve created enabling me to see:

Your flexibility
Movement patterns

How does this help you?

From here I can program your training accordingly, ensuring we’re performing the correct exercises that are safe, efficient and optimal matching your goals.

3. Measuring Progress

Various methods to assess your progression are introduced and agreed between you and I in the initial stages.

These vary from:

Progress photos
How clothes fit
1 Rep max testing
Fitness tests
AMRAP testing

How does this help you?

It allows you and me to pinpoint what’s working, what’s not working – allowing us to adapt your program accordingly – understand one approach doesn’t fit all hence why I don’t marry one approach.

4. Nutritional Guidance & Support

Ever manage to stick to a strict diet for a few weeks, but it just seems like you’re spinning your wheels? You’ll receive clear, concise guidance on how much to eat, when to eat, partition sizes, calories, macros, grams of protein, carbs, fats – with your dietary preference taken into consideration.

To coincide with this, you also get sample meal plans based on your calorie and macro totals so you have a clear idea of what you can eat to hit your numbers.

This is the easy part though, because what happens in the next few weeks we’ll try different approaches finding which one you can best adhere to.

5. Exercise Library

You’re supplied with a 30 exercise video library with a further 150 demonstrations from a trusted third party.

How does this help you?

Ever performed an exercise and thought to yourself:

‘f**k me, why does this feel so weird? Wait…why is everyone laughing at me? Am I doing it wrong?’

These are thoughts many are faced with when performing some exercises – the video library helps you overcome this, ensuring every exercise is performed safely and efficiently.

Plus, there will be times when I’ll ask you to video your form – allowing me to see whether or not you’re maximising the lift to its truest potential. I critique and e continue with the process until you get it right.

6. Lessons To better Yourself

Once you sign-up, you receive an email from me every week with a key lesson on changing your body, changing your habits and your behaviours. Come the end of the lesson you’re asked to take action on the task that’ll set you up for success moving forward.

How does this help you?

Rather than being bombarded by an influx of information all at once, the lessons provide you with greater clarity and understanding as to why we do a certain something.

Think of these emails as a guide to help you overcome some potential overwhelming situations – especially in the first stages of coaching where ‘information overload’ can happen.

7. My Philosophy – Training & Nutrition Guides & Videos

Both guides explain the approach and philosophy I take with my clients. It allows you to understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

There may also be some different methods of training and dieting that you’ve never come across before – these are explained within the guides.

They also help you overcome tricky situations when ‘life happens’, answering some questions you want answered such as:

What to do when eating out with friends or your partner – scared to sabotage your hard word

what to do if you fancy a few bevvies without ruining your progress

When you should be increasing the weight you’re lifting

What supplements work and what ones are a waste of money?

The guides and videos help you overcome these issues

How does this help you?

I feel like if you understand the WHY behind anything, you’re more likely to adhere to it and with that comes great results. Plus they help you separate what’s myth and what’s not.

8. Direct Access To Moi

Alongside the weekly check-ins, you have direct access to my inbox whenever you have any questions – I typically reply to emails every day from Monday – Thursday.

How does this help you?

Because you will have questions and with email you can ask away – allowing me to answer in as much detail as possible.

9. Facebook Community

Research supports those in groups thrive – hence why having you in a group with like minded individuals who share recipes, ideas and I check up with accountability posts.

BONUS: We also have a physiotherapist in the group who can answer some of your questions if you have any niggles or injuries.

10. You Get Results

My background before being a coach was a teaching assistant. I worked with challenging children who couldn’t tie their shoelaces – yet I taught them algebra and how to turn on a Bunsen burner without dying – both essential skills needed to thrive in today’s life may I add.

I’d give myself an A+ for effort and perseverance.

I’ve worked with adults of all shapes and sizes, from males, females and I’ve even helped the ones who’d ‘tried everything’ overcome their struggles.

But please understand just because you decide to work with me doesn’t automatically qualify you to get the abs, get laid more often, live longer and get a job promotion.

Like I said above, the willingness to change must come from within. I can’t stress enough that even though I can solve your health and fitness problems, it’s a two-way game. The ones who get super good results are the ones who take initiative, not only absorbing what I say but also implementing and taking action.

How The Plans Differ

Bespoke Weekly Diet & Training Updates

Changing & Building Habits - Daily Habitual Video

Infomative Myth Busting & Problem Solving Videos

Exercise Form Breakdown, Critique & Analysis

Weekly Feedback & Task Setting For Continuous Progression

Recipe Book

30 Video Exercise Library

Suppelmentation Blueprint

Gym Session

Support Group

Bespoke Calories & Macros

Strength Testing Meet Up

Exclusive Suppelment Discounts

Online Coaching FREE Trial


2 Week Trial

Custom Progrm

2 Weeks Worth

For 2 Weeks

Get Strong Get Lean Full 84 Day Program


One Off Payment

Pre Written 12 Week Program

One Critique


£99 PM

Weekly Amendments


Every 3 Months

Every 3 Months


Here’s How To Start…

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