Online Fitness Coach In Cardiff

Online Fitness Coach

Guys, are you looking for an online fitness coach or a personal trainer in Cardiff?

Clearly, you’re in the right place.


Look, this is the part where I’m meant to bore you with my sporting background, how a client lost weight, got a promotion, got laid for the first time, and a sob story about how I was once fat, lost the fat and lived happily ever after.

Instead, I’m going to tell you how I can help you with your quest to a stronger, leaner, sexier physique.

A physique that flaunts confidence, masculinity, and presence.

I mean, my clients Joel and Anth were very much like you.

You toss and turn in bed, wondering when your hard efforts are going to give you the results you crave and deserve.

“Do I hire Dan as my personal trainer or online fitness coach to help me with ‘X’, ‘Y’ & ‘Z'”


“do I continue with the same methods I’ve been doing for years that have given me pain than pleasure”

It’s your call.

You’re Here Because You Need Help…

First, let me tell you what I’m not.

I’m not a professional bodybuilder.

I’m not a professional powerlifter.

What I am is a guy who knows how to get individuals stronger, to look and feel sexier,  and leaner.

With the above, your confidence will skyrocket, and with that you’ll excel in other areas of your life.

If that’s what you’re after, keep reading.

Every Successful Person Had A Mentor

Bill Gates had Warren Buffet

Cristiano Ronaldo had Alex Ferguson

Personal training and online coaching with myself removes any:

  • Second guessing
  • Confusion
  • Guesswork
  • Myths & misconceptions

out of the equation.

Life is busy and stressful enough as it is. The last thing you need to be doing is laying in bed, wondering if setting your alarm for 5:30am is worth it, because your friend Dave bangs on about fasted cardio, and it’s importance.

Note: Dave isn’t always right. In fact, Dave is an arsehole.

Let me explain.

You know when the hench guy at the gym tells you that ‘carbs are the devil’ and that you must avoid at all costs if you want to lose body fat.

Yet online forums and YouTube tells you carbs are our number one source of energy and that you don’t need to avoid in order to lose fat.

Yeah? Heard that before?

This is where I come in.

So How Does Personal Training And Online Fitness Coaching With You Work Dan?

Look, before I progress let me make one thing clear.

If you’ve: never set foot in the gym, don’t know the difference between a chicken breast and a potato, online fitness coaching won’t work for you just yet. Personal training is the way to go.

Need personal training? You can book in your Skype/Phone consult with me for free by clicking HERE

Online Coaching

First, let me explain what online coaching ISN’T.

It’s not having someone on Skype, shouting and screaming:


Phew, with that out the way, let me elaborate.

Online coaching takes the second guessing, guesswork and confusion out of every aspect of nutrition and training.

You know when you’re searching the internet, with the goal of adding mass, and you Google ‘the best training program for gains’.

You’re faced with:

  • 5X5
  • Full body split
  • Single muscle split
  • Bulgarian methods
  • Russian methods
  • Performing bicep curls upside-down

And you’re sat there, in your pants, looking at a screen that looks a different language.

It’s like, picture me trying to learn coding, or investing in Bitcoin. It would take me months, maybe even years to gain a basic understanding on both topics. Sure, I could YouTube the shit out of it. Or, I could work with someone who I respected, trusted, and felt I could work with in order to learn and progress.

Welcome Online Coaching.

So, here’s what happens:

1. Weekly Check Ins

Weekly feedback is conducted by yourself every Sunday, outlining the happenings of your week through a detailed questionnaire analysis form  where we measure and assess;

  • Your weight
  • Sleep
  • Stress levels
  • Fluid intake
  • What’s worked well & what hasn’t

Video feedback is conducted by myself on Monday morning, outlining what went well, areas for improvement/change, and amendments are made to your training and nutrition to ensure you nail every aspect.

This is done to ensure you know EXACTLY what needs to be done for the week ahead, in order to continuously make progress towards your goal, meaning you’re never spinning your wheels again, pondering and wondering what needs to be done.

I take the second guessing and guesswork out of the equation.

Tasks are set for the coming week, where you’re expected to implement, to ensure you get the best possible results from your time being coached.

2. Nutritional Plan

We look at your daily eating habits, weekend eating habits and from that I create your calories, and macros to ensure you smash every aspect of your nutrition.

You’re supplied with a PDF, outlining exactly how many meals you’re to consume, the timing of the meals and the optimal portion size for you.

Again, never have to worry about whether you should be eating carbs in the morning, and how much protein you should be consuming. It’s all taken care of.

Example meal plans are also given for you to grasp a basic understanding as to what you’re expected to eat in order to make gains, to make the whole process easier and understanding for yourself.

3. Training Program

You’re supplied with a fully customised, tailored, and bespoke training program designed specifically where your:

  • Goals
  • Exercise likes, dislikes
  • Previous training history
  • Previous injuries
  • Gym layout

are taken into consideration.

You’ll be told exactly what weight to lead the bar with, for how many reps, sets, whilst being taught training methadologies and approaches throughout, to see what method you body best responds to.

4. Exercise Library

Never second guess yourself again in the gym where you ponder and wonder if what you’re doing is correct. You’re supplied with a 30 video exercise library, where I explain exactly how to perform a movement using coaching cues I use with clients.

If you’re still unsure whether you’re performing a lift correctly, you can send me a video where I’ll critique your form via video analysis.

5. Supplementation

You’re supplied with a 3 page document on what supplements to take into consideration to maximise performance, and gains inside and outside of the gym.

6. Goal Setting & Monthly Reassessment

Upon our first chat, goals will be set and monthly/bi-monthly goal, re-assessments and reviews will be undertaken via a Skype/Phone call, to ensure you’re smashing your goals on a monthly basis.

7. Support Group

With the set tasks, you’ll be asked to post evidence of yourself hitting the task come the end of the day in the support group for accountability purposes, to ensure you’re staying on track.

Recipe ideas are shared in the group for meal inspiration ideas, meaning you never have to worry about eating boring, bland, foods again.

And of course, you have me as your accountability buddy to ensure your time with me is seamless.

8. Rewards & Incentives

Positive behavioural change, staying on task, success stories and reaching goals are rewarded through a rewards, where you can win some awesome prizes.

I like to give back and look after you.

A referral scheme is in place, where you can gain £75 cash/Amazon vouchers for every client you send to my direction.

9. How-to Videos

Never struggle again, with videos outlining how to overcome certain tricky situations you may be faced with:

  • How to track alcohol and what to do if you’re planning on eating out
  • How to make meal prep easier
  • Video on how to use My Fitness Pal
  • And what to do if someone else cooks your meal.

10. Habitual Emails

Upon signing up, you’ll be linked to an email series documenting daily habits you’ll be expected to implement such as;

  • How much water you should be consuming, and how to monitor your hydration levels
  • The importance of activity outside of the gym – and how to ensure you smash this
  • And more.

As you can see, it’s thorough. But that’s because I wan the best for you throughout your time with me.

I’ve never done things in half measures and never will.

No more second guessing, anger, anxiety, frustration, thinking what if, should I, do I, what’s myth, what’s fact.

I know, I get it.

It’s a lot.

I want you to achieve the best results you can while you’re with me. Coaching will reduce the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty of online fitness programs.

I don’t half-arse anything, and neither should you.

Want help, but not quite ready for coaching yet?

My nutrition, training and recipe blueprint can be found by clicking here. This blueprint has helped many guys on their way, setting the foundations to a successful cutting or bulking phase – along with a 35 page recipe book that’ll make your dieting process a lot easier.

That link to the blueprint can be found here.

Remember, if you have any questions regarding online coaching or personal training, hit me up: